Considering Berkeley?

Here are a few of many reasons to come to Berkeley:

Berkeley is one of the world's most dynamic education centers. The campus, the surrounding community, and the San Francisco Bay Area provide unrivaled intellectual and cultural opportunities.

Berkeley is a place where ideas are conceived and tested. Students have access to over 10 million volumes on the shelves of the university's 18 libraries. Some of the most distinguished teachers and scholars in the world teach classes on campus, and the faculty includes eight Nobel laureates.

Berkeley students are smart, engaged, and committed to achieving their aspirations. The quality of the student body complements the stature of the faculty. The diversity of students reflects the rich mix of cultures in California, as well as the many countries represented by international students.

Berkeley has a beautiful campus that comes alive with concerts and special events that compete with those of any metropolitan city. There are state-of-the-art athletic facilities and nationally ranked sports teams. The University houses an art museum, an anthropology museum, and the Pacific Film Archive, which offers one of the largest and most varied film collections in the world.

Berkeley, the city, boasts tree-lined streets, fantastic weather, and restaurants ranging from inexpensive ethnic discoveries to gourmet havens. Near campus, students can study at sidewalk cafes, browse the many new and used bookstores, or shop at the eclectic stores and street vendors on Telegraph Avenue. Our location is advantageous as it’s near strong, community-oriented public health departments and community-based agencies and some of the world's great universities, medical schools, innovative bio-medical and bio-technology firms, and renowned health care systems.